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Enslaved by Mr. Clean

May 30, 2006

I was very relieved to wake up from a dream I had this morning. In my dream, a friend (can’t remember who) and I were house-sitting for another friend, who was out of town. Everything was going fine until this really buff, balding old guy showed up and started ordering us around. He looked like Mr. Clean minus the earring and the smile; in fact, he was downright menacing. When we first noticed him, he was in the yard chopping wood in a manner that made you feel sorry for the logs.

My friend and I were afraid of Mr. Clean and wanted to put some distance between ourselves and his ax. As if reading our minds, Mr. Clean said, “So, you’d like to get away, huh? Do you think you can outrun me?” Then he sprinted across the yard in an intimidating display of masters running prowess. Our spirits sank, and we resigned ourselves to being Mr. Clean’s prisoners for the immediate future. Mr. Clean had somehow decided that the house needed a major tune-up, so he sanded the deck, mowed the lawn, and so forth — all with astonishing speed — while he made us perform lesser tasks such as taking out the trash. The progress might have been satisfying had we not been so worried that Mr. Clean was going to kill us.

Eventually, I woke up.

Anyone want to take a shot at interpreting this one, just for fun? Dr. Harbison?