Favorite posts

Below are links to some representative favorites.

When is it fun to be married to a biostatistician? (4-27-19)
Great Moments in Peer Observation, #13 (1-11-18)
SJZC #3: “Exaggeration” (6-22-17)
As the Whirled Greens Turn: a soap opera (11-1-16)
Crowther & Crowther (2015) (6-24-15)
Descriptivism vs. prescriptivism: a debate with my 7-year-old (8-1-14)
Soup deniers must be confronted (1-2-13)
Debate verdict: Obama less appealing than Legos (10-4-12)
UW picks Harrison Ford as its next president (4-23-11)
The dregs of 2009, part 2: A reenactment of the Civil Rights Movement for toddlers (1-17-10)
What are they driving at? (3-6-09)
What’s wrong with this number? (11-21-08)
Thanks … I think (9-14-07)
Two recent dreams (10-10-06)

My shadow A&P exam (11-23-19)
Conversation-wise (8-5-18)
Introducing Samuel John Zelnick-Crowther (2-4-17)
An open letter to my students (revised) (11-9-16)
My interview of John L. Parker, Jr. (7-15-15)
The “13th Man” speaks his mind (2-2-14)
An interview with Seattle playwright Paul Mullin (10-7-13)
Greg’s crackpot theories, #2: your favorite songs really DO sound better on the radio (1-12-12)
Is SingAboutScience.org a waste of taxpayer money? (5-26-11)
George Kosaly and the social side of science (6-23-10)
Best training advice ever (9-17-09)
New Year’s resolution: remember Scott Becker (1-8-08)
Racing at high altitude: a myth exposed (8-27-07)
The long-awaited “how I train” entry (12-20-06)

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