Soup deniers must be confronted

January 2, 2013

Perhaps I’m just grouchy due to grant-writing pressure and a cold, but today I got very upset at the fact that Nissin’s slogan for its Cup Noodles is: “MUCH MORE THAN A SOUP.”

A cup of Cup Noodles contains lots of ramen noodles and a few peas, kernels of corn, bits of meat, etc. floating in a salty broth. It is, in a word, soup. It so perfectly embodies the concept of soup that no word other than “soup” really applies.

I recognize that making Cup Noodles sound exciting is a significant marketing challenge. But why use a slogan that is the exact opposite of the truth?

Please, Nissin — it’s time to bring your years of denial to a close. Your product is indisputably a soup, a whole soup, and nothing but a soup. The sooner you can swallow that, the better.

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