What are they driving at?

March 6, 2009

Check out this page from the PerkinElmer brochure for its EnVision multilabel plate readers:

an ad for a plate reader?!

What exactly is the point of this? A couple of possibilities come to mind….

(A) PerkinElmer is the Porsche of plate reader makers. Operating our plate readers is thrilling. It will make you feel young, sexy, and powerful.

(B) PerkinElmer understands that you’re a rebel who is not constrained by local laws or common sense. If you want to drive your car way over the speed limit while talking on your cell phone, you do it! Similarly, our plate readers will enable the experiments of your dreams, regardless of their legality or ethical implications.

Whatever the specific message the company is trying to convey, I ain’t buyin’ it.


  1. And…is he driving on the wrong side of the road?

  2. here is one betterhttp://www.eppendorf.com/int/hawkpopup.php?contentid=13

  3. Todd, that was hysterical! I laughed out loud several times. Thanks.

  4. And no seat belt and no hand on the wheel. And the start of male-pattern baldness?

  5. You guys are taking this ad too much at face value! They're making fun of themselves by going over the top! Obviously a plate reader is completely unsexy so it's supposed to be absurdly funny to advertise a plate reader as sexy!You scientists are too literal!!!P.S. The epmotion ad is hilarious.

  6. I should have liked to think of epmotion myself… by the way, how do we know the man in the first ad is "driving way over the speed limit"?

  7. Grant: I take the blurry background to indicate excessive speed … but draw your own conclusions!

  8. absolutely hilarious! are all you science guys (and gals) this creative? we all know Greg is, but obviously he is not alone.now how do I get the epmotion song out of my head for the rest of the day…?

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