UW picks Harrison Ford as its next president

April 23, 2011

(Photo from Seattle Times; click here for full story)

The University of Washington has chosen Harrison Ford to be its new president, according to sources familiar with the search.

The sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told The Seattle Times on Friday that Ford, 58, is the choice of the UW Board of Regents. The regents are expected to make the announcement Monday.

“A university president is expected to wear many hats, and Dr. Ford has certainly demonstrated admirable versatility over the years,” said one source, citing as examples Ford’s groundbreaking archaeology research and unorthodox yet effective approach to intergalactic justice. While Ford has not proven as adept in romantic comedy roles, “the less romance that occurs in the president’s office, the better,” said the source.

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  1. Greg,April Fool's Day is long gone :-)But quite a resemblance!Bob in SeaTac

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