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Your face or mine?

March 27, 2023

Thanks to some recent rom-com research by my wife’s friend Mandy, we now know who should portray me in a hypothetical big-budget movie.

I vaguely remember Ashton Kutcher as the hunky young actor who dated and married the much older Demi Moore back in the 2000s. These days, if the new movie Your Place or Mine is any indication, he’s a middle-aged guy who looks a lot like me, only with better hair and better clothes.


Weird Al and Weird Ed

October 3, 2013

Last night I watched some old “Weird Al” Yankovic music videos with my son, then fell asleep and had a dream involving math professor Ed Burger (who inspired Leila Z and the Terrible Triplets).

I hadn’t previously thought of the two as being connected, but my subconscious may be on to something.

Burger vs. Yankovic
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Jur-lock Holmes?

August 17, 2013

Sarah Lavender Smith has described ultramarathoner Scott Jurek as “familiar, cute, boyish and slightly nerdy in an attractive way … a cross between Peter from The Brady Bunch and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.”

I claim, though, that I’ve found a better doppelganger for Jurek: English actor Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as Sherlock Holmes.

Cumberbatch? Jurek?

[Images taken from and, respectively.]


Pocket Rocket Man

May 30, 2013

Despite appearances to the contrary, the picture below is NOT of Elton John and a backup singer when they were kindergarteners.

Phil and Liv

It’s actually a picture of my son and a friend that appeared in the May newsletter of the B.F. Day Boys and Girls Club. In this issue, much to my surprise, Phil was named the kid of the month, and was profiled as follows.

Philip is a kindergartner who started at the Club this year. The staff has been very impressed with Philip lately, and we are so proud that he is consistently setting a good example for his friends in the Yellow Group. We are especially impressed with his great leadership during clean up time. Great job Philip!
Here are some fun facts about Philip:
Favorite food: “Watermelon and mac ‘n cheese!”
Favorite song: “Police songs. Wait, no, dog songs.”
Dream job: “Taking care of animals, or being a street sweeper.”
Best nickname: “You can call me Doctor Phil.”


Crowther as Bateman

July 24, 2012

Joe Creighton has posted his interview of me on the Seattle Running Club blog.

The interview included a photo shoot, which gave me the chance to impersonate Jason Bateman in one of his “bealeaguered straight man” roles.

Me with raised eyebrows

Bateman with raised eyebrows

Me looking skyward

Bateman looking skyward

(1st and 3rd photos by Terry Creighton; 2nd photo from; 4th photo from


UW picks Harrison Ford as its next president

April 23, 2011

(Photo from Seattle Times; click here for full story)

The University of Washington has chosen Harrison Ford to be its new president, according to sources familiar with the search.

The sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told The Seattle Times on Friday that Ford, 58, is the choice of the UW Board of Regents. The regents are expected to make the announcement Monday.

“A university president is expected to wear many hats, and Dr. Ford has certainly demonstrated admirable versatility over the years,” said one source, citing as examples Ford’s groundbreaking archaeology research and unorthodox yet effective approach to intergalactic justice. While Ford has not proven as adept in romantic comedy roles, “the less romance that occurs in the president’s office, the better,” said the source.


From 90210 to 20500?

August 31, 2008

On Friday I heard the news that John McCain had picked a running mate, a relatively young and relatively inexperienced woman not generally known to be in contention.Then I saw the photos and thought: “Jeez, this IS a surprise. I had no idea that Andrea Zuckerman was even being considered….”

Some good “separated at birth” photos are available at and the Fresno Beehive.


Answers to your burning questions about Phil

November 16, 2006

Q. What’s Phil’s running shoe size and preference? (submitted by Dave from Seattle, WA)

A. It’s hard to say for certain, but he seems to take his footwear cues from Abebe Bikila. (And as my dad pointed out, “Abebe,” if pronounced correctly, is a good nickname for a boy of Phil’s age.)

Q. What are Phil’s likely career options? (submitted by Jack from Rutland, VT)

A. He swings his arms back and forth a lot, and he also grunts a lot, so he’ll probably become a longshoreman or a pro tennis player.

Q. Whom does Phil look like? (submitted by Wanda from Olympia, WA)

A. We weren’t sure, so we consulted the face recognition experts at Below are the results we received. Maybe a career in tennis is indeed on the horizon.

Distant cousins?