Crowther as Bateman

July 24, 2012

Joe Creighton has posted his interview of me on the Seattle Running Club blog.

The interview included a photo shoot, which gave me the chance to impersonate Jason Bateman in one of his “bealeaguered straight man” roles.

Me with raised eyebrows

Bateman with raised eyebrows

Me looking skyward

Bateman looking skyward

(1st and 3rd photos by Terry Creighton; 2nd photo from bateman-daily.livejournal.com; 4th photo from 117-hudson.com.)


  1. That top photo made me think of this:


    And I hadn’t previously spotted your resemblance to Jason Bateman. Too fixated on your resemblance to Doogie Howser.

  2. Those are truly Bateman-esque faces. Does the next season of Arrested Development call for any research scientists or retired runners?

  3. […] gave her my Jason Bateman face and then woke up. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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