Pocket Rocket Man

May 30, 2013

Despite appearances to the contrary, the picture below is NOT of Elton John and a backup singer when they were kindergarteners.

Phil and Liv

It’s actually a picture of my son and a friend that appeared in the May newsletter of the B.F. Day Boys and Girls Club. In this issue, much to my surprise, Phil was named the kid of the month, and was profiled as follows.

Philip is a kindergartner who started at the Club this year. The staff has been very impressed with Philip lately, and we are so proud that he is consistently setting a good example for his friends in the Yellow Group. We are especially impressed with his great leadership during clean up time. Great job Philip!
Here are some fun facts about Philip:
Favorite food: “Watermelon and mac ‘n cheese!”
Favorite song: “Police songs. Wait, no, dog songs.”
Dream job: “Taking care of animals, or being a street sweeper.”
Best nickname: “You can call me Doctor Phil.”

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