Answers to your burning questions about Phil

November 16, 2006

Q. What’s Phil’s running shoe size and preference? (submitted by Dave from Seattle, WA)

A. It’s hard to say for certain, but he seems to take his footwear cues from Abebe Bikila. (And as my dad pointed out, “Abebe,” if pronounced correctly, is a good nickname for a boy of Phil’s age.)

Q. What are Phil’s likely career options? (submitted by Jack from Rutland, VT)

A. He swings his arms back and forth a lot, and he also grunts a lot, so he’ll probably become a longshoreman or a pro tennis player.

Q. Whom does Phil look like? (submitted by Wanda from Olympia, WA)

A. We weren’t sure, so we consulted the face recognition experts at MyHeritage.com. Below are the results we received. Maybe a career in tennis is indeed on the horizon.

Distant cousins?

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  1. …lol… lost it in this post :))

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