Scott has cancer … and is blogging about it

November 20, 2006

Scott is someone I met several years ago through our mutual friend Holly. At the time, he was a pastor and I had lots of questions about what Christians believe and why. In an act of generosity that is still hard for me to fathom, he spent many hours (spread over many mornings) discussing his faith with me, even though I was not a member of his congregration (or any congregation, for that matter). He and his wife also had me over for Thanksgiving dinner one year when I otherwise would have dined alone.

Now Scott has liver cancer, and his prognosis looks grim. I wouldn’t bring this up except that he’s discussing it publicly in his blog, “Aufhebung.” That’s the Scott I know — someone who shares his insights, struggles, strength, and humor with everyone, regardless of affiliation. For an inspiring example of facing tragedy with poise, read his blog.

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