What’s wrong with this number?

November 21, 2008

At the PNTF cross country championships three weekends ago, race numbers like this one — to designate age groups — were seen on the backs of masters runners.

an ancient number for an ancient runner

Do you notice anything odd here?

If not, here’s a hint: TAC stands for The Athletics Congress.

If that doesn’t sound familiar, that’s probably because TAC changed its name to USA Track & Field (USATF) . . . in 1992.

In other words, these race numbers are, at a minimum, 16 years old.

Have the PNTF people really been saving them for the better part of two decades? Or did they recently get a great deal in an online auction?

Either way, I suspect that Bill Roe and/or Tom Cotner are involved.


  1. Greg,You're right. It is Bill Roe's fault.He called Carole in desperation asking if she had any back numbers, and she was able to dredge those out of the distant past.

  2. These were left over from when Carole distributed back numbers for Masters National Championships.We have contributed to a greener earth by using/recycling them.

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