Congratulations to Scott McCoubrey!

November 25, 2008

Scott, co-owner of the Seattle Running Company, was just named Contributor of the Year for 2008 by the Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) division of USA Track & Field. The press release says:

McCoubrey works tirelessly promoting trail, mountain, and ultra running. He is the race director of the USA National 50 Mile Trail Championships which has grown in participation each year. He also directs the Cougar Mountain Trail Racing Series which raises money to maintain the local park where the events are held. McCoubrey also puts on the Mountain to Sound Greenway Multi-Sport Race which promotes green space preservation. Through the Seattle Running Club and the Seattle Running Company, McCoubrey leads free weekly trail runs. Trail runners with previous or current ties to the Seattle Running Company include Ian Torrance [sic], Phil Kochic [sic], Krissy Moehl, Hal Korner [sic], Brian Morrison, Greg Crowther, and Uli Stidl [sic]. McCoubrey has played a roll [sic] in the success of these and many, many other trail runners.

At least they spelled Scott’s name right.

Also garnering end-of-year accolades was Seattle-area runner Joe Gray, who was named Mountain Runner of the Year. I saw Joe race on November 2nd at the PNTF Association cross-country championships, where he outdueled Mark Mandi in what appeared to be a contest of who could run more effortlessly. It was like watching two swans glide across a pond.

Finally, congratulations to the University of Washington women’s cross-country team for winning their first-ever NCAA championship!

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