It’s what’s on the inside that counts (?)

November 19, 2008

I’m fortunate to have a relationship with the Seattle Running Company and Brooks that provides me with free shoes, among other benefits. I’m currently wear-testing the Brooks Cascadia 4, a trail running shoe.

I have no strong feelings for or against the colors and design of the exterior of the shoe, but the inside is really cool. It shows the elevation profile of the Western States 100, listing the checkpoints all the way from Squaw Valley to Auburn. Also prominently displayed is Scott Jurek‘s course record of 15:36:27.

Some might regard this as a mere footnote in the evolution of footwear. I myself consider it a giant step forward. In fact, I can imagine someone making a documentary about the struggle to revolutionize the interiors of trail running shoes. It could be called A Race for the Insole.

[If you recognize the horrible pun in the previous sentence without the benefit of this link, congratulations — you’re a genuine ultramarathoning geek!]


  1. HAHAHA, good one!I've already seen pictures of it and I like it. I think maybe that profile will help with the ups and downs I get when running Ultras.Now don't be shy, tells us what we really want to know. How does it feel?

  2. Arthur: The shoe feels fine — not tremendously different from a road trainer, I'd say.

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