Birthday #2, Part 2

November 17, 2008

(Part 1: “Tee for two,” 10-18-08.)

I suppose the buildup to Phil’s birthday began in late July, when the following conversation took place during the early miles of the White River 50 Miler:

Mike Wardian: “So how old is your son?”

Me: “He’ll turn two in October.”

Mike: “Have you started planning the party yet?”

Me: “Um, no….”

Mike: “Hey, this is a big deal! Some parents spend like $3000 on their kids’ parties.”

Me: “Well, for us that would be more like a wedding budget.”

That was about the extent of my birthday-related thinking until the week of the birthday, when Liz and I decided to make some mini-cupcakes in honor of the occasion.

As his birthday video shows, Phil enjoyed the cupcakes mostly for their handiness as projectiles. Since then, however, he has used his other gifts more or less as their givers intended. In the video he can be seen playing the “Elefun” butterfly-catching game from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Fred. And here he is with a Sesame Street outfit and a “Read and Roll” construction book from Gay and Knut…

construction book

… and reading a book about the circus from Great Grandmother Jane.

circus book

One comment

  1. Oh my goodness! Phil is growing into such a handsome little man!

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