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SJZC #8: “Small Packages”

July 16, 2017



SJZC #7: “Home from the Hospital”

July 15, 2017



A stand-up son

July 7, 2017

My 10-year-old son’s sense of humor intersects with mine somewhat sporadically, but his recent riff at the Golden Gardens beach was quite funny.

We were there with two of his friends, digging in the sand, getting ice cream, and looking for wildlife. At one point we walked past a building that Leila and I had considered renting for our wedding three years earlier. Phil remembered this, and he commented that we had been wise not to rent the building, due to the stray noises from the public beach that might have disrupted the ceremony. “It would have been like, ‘Do you take this BUHHHHH to be your BUHHHHH?'” he said, interjecting a sort of ferry-horn blast.

After I gave him a well-deserved cackle, he continued: “‘You may now BUHHHHH the BUHHHHH!'”


SJZC #6: “Leave”

June 28, 2017



SJZC #5: “Here We Go”

June 26, 2017



SJZC #4: “Changes”

June 23, 2017



SJZC #3: “Exaggeration”

June 22, 2017



SJZC #2: “Anticipation”

June 20, 2017

SJC #2


Father-son project: “SJZC”

June 18, 2017

Phil and I are starting a comic about a family with a new baby. Here’s the first installment.

SJZC, episode 1


Early-morning poetry

May 26, 2017

Rise Up Screaming
(Advice to an Infant … or a President)

The sky is dark, but dawn is near,
And though you’re safe within your crib,
The land outside holds much to fear.
It’s time to be alarmed, not glib!

Rise up! Rise up, and sound the call —
A call to arms; a call for milk.
Unleash a nice full-throated bawl
To rouse your parents and their ilk.

The early bird will get the worm;
The early child will get the toy.
Do not give in; stay loud, hold firm!
They must attend you, darling boy.

Rise up! Rise up, and yell, YOUR way,
In any garbled form you spew.
Despite what bleeding hearts may say,
Our world begins and ends with you.

Sam, 5am

[Inspired in part by Slate’s My First Big-Boy Trip.]