Minutes of Club Northwest’s board meeting for December 1998

December 7, 1998

The College Club
Downtown Seattle

President Bill Roe was unable to attend, so Vice President Saul Kinderis called the meeting to order. Board members Sally Bergesen, Greg Crowther (secretary), Mark Davies, Thornton “T.P.” Perry, Liz Stahl (treasurer),Clay Stenberg, and Mark Williams were there; so were Tom Cotner, Steve “Hatz” Hatzenbeler (team manager), Dan Hayes (membership committee), Kathy Kanes, Dave Mora, and Martin Rudow (_Northwest Runner_ editor).

The minutes of the November meeting were approved.


“Franek looked like he had just popped out of some toaster.” –Tom Cotner, on Dan Franek’s flushed appearance after the senior men’s race at the USATF cross country meet in Orlando, Florida


Liz’s “Register Listing” printout of recent checking account activity showed Club’s current balance to be about $7,000. Our savings account balance is holding steady in the ~$650 range.

Of the three CDs owned by Club as of the November Board meeting, one has since been cashed as per a Board motion at that meeting. T.P. made a motion to cash the second CD, which matures December 18, to cover expenses related to Club’s participation in the national cross country meet in Orlando. The motion was approved. Club’s remaining CD (currently worth about $5200) matures in February.


Tom and Hatz summarized the Orlando cross country meet for the benefit of the Board. The women placed 6th as a team and were led by Karen Steen (32nd place individually) and Mindy Leffler (33rd). The men’s masters team, led by Rockwell Moulton (8th place), finished 4th. The senior men, led by Craig Dickson (23rd), were 14th.

Race-day weather was extremely hot and humid to the point of being potentially dangerous to some athletes. Both Tom and Hatz expressed dismay at the lack of water and medical assistance available at the course. (In the case of one stricken athlete, according to Hatz, “The paramedics gave her a bagel and some PowerAde and said, ‘See ya later.'”) Tom agreed to draft a letter of complaint from Club to USATF regarding Disney’s handling of the meet.

On a more positive note, Tom, Hatz, and Liz were commended for their respective roles in orchestrating Club’s participation in the meet. Hatz also reported that a pair of Club athletes triumphed at the Seattle Marathon in late November. Sean Nesbitt won the full marathon in 2:27, while Miguel Galeana’s 1:09 was tops in the half marathon.


T.P. spoke in place of events manager Brian Oster, who was out of town. He distributed a memo from Brian on the current status of the ’98 Reso Run and ’99 Firecracker 5000. T.P. also offered us a sneak preview of the Reso Run race T-shirt. The Board proposed a couple of modifications to the shirt which Saul said he would call in.

It was noted that Club’s interim contract with Brian’s company, Pro-Motion Events, would expire at the end of the month. The board approved a motion to extend Club’s current arrangement with Pro-Motion through March 31 pending a review of the Resolution Run at the January Board meeting.

Hatz and Kathy agreed to be Club’s volunteer coordinators for the Resolution Run.


Martin said that Club could expect to receive a revenue check from the magazine in January. He also encouraged Club members to be play up the positive aspects of being in Club when recruiting new members, noting that we sometimes come across as stressed out and desperate for help.


Three seats on the Club Board of Directors — the positions currently held by Mark D., Saul, and Bill — will be up for grabs at the February Board meeting. All Club members are welcome to run for a spot on the Board and/or vote in the elections. Come and watch the fur fly!


Dave Mora advised the board that he was in the process of setting up a fast, flat point-to-point marathon course over which local harriers could qualify for the 2000 U.S. Olympic marathon trials. Check his website (www.sitepalace.com/mora) for further information.


The next Board meeting will take place on Monday, January 11 at 7 p.m. at the College Club in downtown Seattle.


1. summary of Club checking account activity (Liz Stahl)
2. memo re 1998 Resolution Run and 1999 Firecracker 5000 (Brian Oster)

Respectively submitted,

Greg Crowther
Club Northwest

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