Gregorio del Laboratorio goes to Spain: day 4

August 23, 1999

Saw top U.S. miler Regina Jacobs at the Parque de Maria Luisa during this morning’s run. Joel wished her good luck.

Checked my e-mail and sent out a few electronic postcards today at a cybercafe in Seville, which put me in a good mood. It’s kind of scary how, over the last six years, my emotions have gradually become tethered to my e-mail account.

It’s good to know that Cher remains popular over here.

Controversy broke out at the meet tonight when a Spaniard won the women’s long jump on her sixth and final jump. A video replay clearly showed that she had fouled, yet her mark stood. The Italian who was relegated to second place is supposedly going to retire in protest.

Spanish farmacias (pharmacies) are marked with green crosses.
Spanish farmacias (pharmacies) are marked with green crosses.

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