Gregorio del Laboratorio goes to Spain: day 8

August 27, 1999

Today’s sight-seeing sites included the Parque Cientifico y Tecnologia (Science and Technology Park) from the ’92 Expo and Isla Magica theme park. The former has been converted into private business space, but all the streets are named after famous scientists. Pretty cool. The latter is a mix of amusement park rides and restaurants, with less educational value than I expected.

It’s good to know that Dionne Warwick remains popular over here.

Not that I am particularly interested in architecture, but if I were, a good local topic of study would be the fusion of Moorish architecture with the Christian stuff that followed it. In theory, once the Christian kings ousted the Moors, they could have rebuilt the region from scratch according to their stylistic preferences; instead, they mostly amended and added on to the existing Moorish structures. The Catedral and Real Alcazar (royal palace in Seville) are prime examples of this.

Joel and I have found the Spanish cuisine to be OK but relatively low on complex carbohydrates (with the possible exception of a few paella and potato-based dishes). Nonetheless, any culture that incorporates ham into most of its meals can’t be all bad.

Marie Curie Street, Parque Cientifico y Tecnologia, Seville.

Marie Curie Street, Parque Cientifico y Tecnologia, Seville.

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