Minutes of Club Northwest’s board meeting for September 1999

September 13, 1999

The College Club, Downtown Seattle


“I just wrap my body in Ace bandages and go.”
–Club president Saul Kinderis, on how he manages to exercise while injured


Those who attended the September meeting of our august association were: secretary Gregory (“Greg”) Crowther, club member William (“Bill”) Cusworth, membership chair Daniel (“Dan”) Hayes, president Saul (“Saul”) Kinderis, board member Thornton (“T.P.”) Perry, vice president William (“Bill”) Roe, _Northwest Runner_ editor Martin (“Marty”) Rudow, and treasurer Elizabeth (“Liz”) Stahl.


The August minutes were approved by all, including T.P., who hadn’t actually read them. “That’s the kind of faith we have in the secretary today,” Bill said, prompting the secretary to remark under his breath, “Ha! Unwitting fools! They don’t suspect a thing!”


It was another good financial month for Rudow’s rag; Club’s share of the profits was $5,062. Martin continues to sell lots of subscriptions at road races, including 50 at the Super Jock ‘N Jill half-marathon alone. For future race outings, he hopes to acquire a _Northwest Runner_/Club Northwest canopy so that the fall rains won’t mess up his hair.

T.P. volunteered to represent _NWR_/CNW at some races this fall.


Summing together all the funds in our various bank accounts (domestic and Swiss), our new bottom line will be $26,831.20 once Martin’s latest check is deposited, according to treasurer Liz Stahl. This includes one CD of roughly $5500.


Bill Roe reported that there was no PNTF meeting last month. Any questions?


Membership chair Dan Hayes noted that the Seattle Triathlon Club is preparing a waiver for non-club members to sign before participating in STC workouts. Dan wondered whether we should likewise require non-members who attend _our_ workouts to sign a similar form releasing us from liability. The general consensus was that we should.

Noting that we do not currently have a club coach, Dan suggested that, as a service to club athletes and others, we compile a list of area coaches, perhaps in the form of a _Northwest Runner_ article. This suggestion prompted a discussion of whether club should hire its own team coach. Saul asked Dan to outline some possible coaching scenarios in terms of responsibilities and salary.

Liz said that Emily Andersen might possibly be coordinating some women’s team workouts this fall. Maybe. It’s only a rumor.


We continue to make slow progress toward signing a contract with events manager Brian Oster. Saul said that Brian has faxed the latest draft to Mary Holleman, who will look it over this week. Brian, Mary, and Saul are currently working on defining how much of which events are owned by Club Northwest.

Notes on specific events follow….

Terry Fox Run (October 3): Brian is willing to hire us to manage the course. However, given the recent interactions between Club and the Four Seasons hotel, Bill recommended that Club not be involved in this year’s race. T.P. agreed.

PNTF Cross Country (November 7, Lower Woodland Park): Bill has talked to Tom Cotner and will prepare an entry form. Club members competing in the race will provide volunteers as usual. The Hickmans, the Langenbachs, and (probably) Kenny Emerick will officiate as usual. The tentative schedule is as follows: masters/corporate 6K at 9:45, men’s 10K at 10:30, women’s 6K at 11:30.

Adventure Run (November 13, St. Edward Park): Summarizing an e-mail message previously sent to the Board, Bill Cusworth said that the park had been secured for the 13th and that an EMT would be on duty during the race. Saul said that, for a 100-person race such as this one, four or five people should be sufficient to handle the finish line. A motion to make Club a cosponsor of the event was moved and approved.

Resolution Run (December 31): Brooks Sports will be involved, as will the usual in-kind sponsors. If we’re going to need lots of on-course volunteers, we should start recruiting the assistance of high school cross country and track teams. Brian, Bill, and Martin will work on a Reso Run ad for the next Northwest Runner.

Northwest Relays (April 7-9, 2000): Al Bonney has reviewed Bill’s proposal. He supports it, has made suggestions on how to condense the meet schedule, and thinks we should start asking coaches to commit to the meet.

All Comers track meets (summer, 2000): Bill reported that sponsorships for three of the 12 meets have already been sold. T.P., Super Jock ‘N Jill, and Michael Allison have each bought one. The basic deal is that, for $300, you get to affix your name to an All Comers meet of your choice.

Seafair (late summer, 2000): A marathon road relay (or “Ekiden”) may be held as part of the Seafair celebration. The relay would take place on a 2500-meter loop in Magnuson Park. Bill hopes to have a proposal in place by next month.

Speaking of Magnuson Park, it is rumored that, if current plans are realized, the park will soon be the site of a 400-meter all-weather track.


Bill said that we need to buy two pieces of equipment: (a) a pop-up canopy for our _Northwest Runner_/Club Northwest table at road races, and (b) a new race clock. (The seconds digit of the old clock “stopped moving at Swedish and hasn’t moved since,” he explained.) He added that the current clock took a lot of abuse because it couldn’t be mounted on anything and that we should consider getting a tripod along with a new clock.

Bill estimated that a canopy will cost $350 and a new clock $2100-2500. He said that he would do some more research, decide what to buy, and advise the Board of his shopping spree plans via e-mail. The Board authorized Bill to spend up to $3000 on the canopy and clock pending an e-mail discussion of the specifics.


Dan Hayes congratulated Liz Stahl on receiving an award from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The award recognizes Liz for her three years of work as treasurer of the Seattle Race for the Cure.


The next Board meeting will take place Monday, October 11 at the College Club in downtown Seattle.

Greg Crowther
Club Northwest


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