“Ask me about my thesis” buttons

April 1, 2001

social lubricant?

At last — a new product specifically designed for socially inept graduate students.

When these poor souls try to mingle with others after spending the week alone in the library, reentry into the social milieu is often difficult. What should one talk about?

“Ask me about my thesis” buttons provide a clear and compelling answer to this question. By eliminating the conversational guesswork, they enable even the most bookish grad student to interact meaningfully with his or her peers.

So the next time you’re headed to a departmental mixer or some other geekfest, don’t fret about what you’re going to say to whom. Just wear your button and watch the crowd around you grow!

“Ask me about my thesis” buttons may be obtained for $1.95 apiece by calling 206-221-5318.

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