12 years, 0 progress

June 7, 2006

Here are the results of the only three times I’ve raced a 1500m on a regulation track since entering college:

Jan. 15, 1994 — at Williams College (MA), indoors — 4:13.8

April 8, 1995 — at Springfield College (MA) — 4:12.3

June 7, 2006 — at Shoreline Stadium (WA) — 4:12.8

Considering how rarely I run this event, I’m remarkably consistent. Yep, I can just crank out those 4:12s like a semi-fit machine.


  1. Doogie,Don't be so hard on yourself. Your unique talents are wasted on the 1500. I hope you get a chance at a decent 5k sometime. By my reckoning, you can definitely run under 15.

  2. What's your definition of "regulation track"? I don't recall the Williams track being 200m, though standards are looser indoors.

  3. OK, pjm, you got me — the Towne Field House track was 9 laps to the mile. I was using the phrase to justify omitting a race of approximately 1500m that I ran on a rutty quarter-mile dirt track a few years ago.

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