A third of a century

August 5, 2006

On September 17th, I will turn 33 and 1/3 years old — exactly one third of a century. This strikes me as a milestone worth celebrating, but how should I mark the occasion? Make a third of a birthday cake? Run 33.33 miles? The latter is not feasible, since I’ll be racing the Twin Cities Marathon on October 1st, but perhaps I could run 33.33 laps around a track, or 33.33 minutes at race pace, or something like that. Or maybe I should borrow an old record player and put on some LPs (rotation speed: 33 1/3 rpm) released in 1973, the year I was born. I own “Piano Man” by Billy Joel and “Fantasy” by Carole King, for starters….

Does anyone out there have any other fun, numerically relevant activities to suggest?


  1. You could eat 33 1/3 doughnuts.You could do 33 1/3 200m repeats in 33.33 seconds (before eating the doughnuts, but either before OR after listening to the records from '73)

  2. How about climbing/running up a 3333 foot (or 3333 meter) mountain? Maybe followed by quaffing 33.33 ounces of a tasty beverage?

  3. Hey, I turn 33 1/3 of a century on Sept 27th (today), and I didn't think anyone else celebrated that! I plan on drinking 1/3 of a drink and eating 1/3 of a cake. Happy third!

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