I just can’t shake the Dobster

September 27, 2006

Ever feel like you’re being stalked, intermittently but persistently?

Here’s a photo by Glenn Tachiyama from the PNTF cross-country meet on November 6, 2005.

Don't look back...

And here’s one taken by Chuck Bartlett of Club Northwest at the Sundodger cross-country meet two weekends ago.

...someone might be gaining on you.

The man in orange is Will Dobbie. He’s a nice guy as far as I can tell; I just wish he’d give me a bit more breathing room sometimes.


  1. Greg, I laughed so hard when I saw this post :-))) Always a good idea to chisel away at life's dramatic edge. I'm still laughing… go Greg, GO!

  2. Greg, did you notice that both of you are in the exact same stride position in both pictures – Will in the air and you pushing off.But both of you have the opposite leg in front in the two pictures.This suggests you not just run the same times, but you also have the same stride patterns.Time to step it up – or stride it out – and kick his butt! Uli

  3. This is great, I just found your blog Greg, and I couldn't agree more. Now if you could just stop this habit of out-kicking me at the end of big races…

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