Too Shay

September 30, 2006

I wish I were feeling as confident as Ryan Shay apparently is.

In a Pioneer Press article previewing tomorrow’s Twin Cities Marathon, Shay is quoted as saying, “I’m not in the best shape of my life.” However, he adds, “I want to compete, and I want to win the race. If winning the race takes the course record, I’m ready for that.”

The course record, set by Phil Coppess in 1985, is 2:10:05.

Shay’s lifetime best is 2:14:08.


  1. Just checked the results online, thought the race started later and so was surprised to see you were already finished. And sorry you didn't quite get the time you were hoping for. Good bid, Doogster.

  2. Looks like my brother's confidence paid off…he kicked your butt! Don't hate, just run a little harder!

  3. When I say brother, I meant, Ryan Shay by the way. He's kicked a lot of ass for his age, and deserves to be "confident" when he feels like it don't you think?

  4. Sarah, I believe that one's confidence should be proportional to one'sabilities. Ryan is a very good runner — much better than I — but someof his statements at the pre-race press conference were not consistentwith his current fitness level, which is why I found them amusing (andposted the one about the course record for the amusement of others).

  5. Greg, I agree with you!

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