Running goal for 2007: world domination

January 26, 2007

No, I am not kidding. Ambitious? Definitely. Delusional? Maybe. But kidding? No.

Based on my recent progress, I believe that I can compete with the world’s best road ultramarathoners over distances in the 50-mile to 100K range. By the end of the year, I should have a much better sense of whether this is a reasonable idea.

Speaking of reasonable ideas, here’s one: if I really want to be the best in the world, perhaps I should start by trying to be the best in the country. Which brings me to my plans for the spring. My next important race will be the U.S. road 100K championship, which will be contested as part of the Mad City 100K in Madison, Wisconsin on April 7th. This location will enable me to see my Uncle Scott, who lives in Kenosha. The uncle proximity thing is actually a key part of my strategy, since Scott’s Houston-based brother, Chris, was on hand for both of my 2006 ultras, which went quite well.

Between now and then, my tentative schedule of major workouts and races is the following….

Jan. 27: 35-37 miles at 100K goal pace (roughly 6:25 per mile for the rolling Mad City course)

Feb. 11: Love ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em 5K

Feb. 17/18: 35-40 miles at 100K goal pace

Feb 24: Fort Steilacoom Resolution Series 15K or 15-Miler?

Mar. 3/4: 40-45 miles at 100K goal pace

Mar. 11: St. Patrick’s Day Dash? (exact distance unknown, but usually a bit over 5K)

Mar. 17/18: 30-35 miles at 100K goal pace

Mar. 31: Some random 5K?

Apr. 7: Mad City 100K

As you can see, the first big workout is . . . tomorrow, when the Jureks and I will be at Seward Park, simulating the Mad City terrain by switching back and forth between the flat perimeter loop and a hilly alternative loop. (Thank you to USATF for the great map-drawing tool.)


  1. Here we go again. World domination by the professor."ring"hello? Miss Moneypenny. Yes … hmmm …. OK …. what, it's just a research scientist from Seattle? …. he's doing what?!?! … 100k? running? … this guy is just nuts!!! I told you not to bother me unless there is a real emergency. Next time actually read the whole story, don't just scan the headline for some key words….I'm still on vaccation. Have a nice day.(slam)Waiter! A martini, please. Shaken, not stirred.007

  2. I'd so much rather have you dominate the world than the people who currently do.

  3. "Brain, what are we going to do tonight?""The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world!"

  4. 6:40, eh?

  5. I like it! Setting goals high and yelling it from the rooftops. Can't turn back now. Domination or dust.

  6. Greg, you have continually impressed me. When I ran for ithaca college in the late 90's and you'd whip me..I was impressed, and now that you have entered my world of ultrarunning with such strong performances…I again am impressed. I like your blog and am glad to see your goal of going after the 100K.(and world domination) Good luck in April and beyond. Just know that you have inspired me to (gasp) do some speedwork again! The 91minute 1/2 marathon I ran today is a ugly reminder that running 5 hour trail runs at 12-13min mile pace does nothing for one's speed!Train hard,Greg Loomis

  7. I have always felt that, in science, world domination is the only goal worth striving for. My example clearly shows, that you can be happy and satisfied without reaching this goal. Had I aimed for some lesser accomplishment, i probably would be a disappointed, angry old man now.George K.Ps. Did you know that Jurek is Polish for George?

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