It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad city

April 4, 2007

Either the city of Madison, Wisconsin has caught a serious case of ultramarathon fever, or else Mad City 100K race director Tim Yanacheck has gone to great lengths to create that illusion. Consider the following:

(1) Governor Jim Doyle has declared the week of April 1-7 to be Mad City 100K National Championship Week in the state of Wisconsin.

(2) The official race starter will be none other than Suzy Favor Hamilton, probably the greatest runner Wisconsin has ever produced.

(3) Some reporter from Madison called me on Tuesday, wanting to talk about the 100K. His first question was something like, are you excited that there’s a national 100K championship for the first time in several years? I wanted to say, “Yes I am, but why are you so excited about it? Shouldn’t you be covering a high school golf tournament or something?”

For additional hype, see the pre-race press release. (Since that was written, Nikki Kimball has withdrawn due to illness, but Connie Gardner has been added as a late entry.) And for heart-pounding race-day excitement, be sure to tune into the race webcast on Saturday.


  1. Good luck Doogie!

  2. Loved the updates on the web and glad to see the results:1. Greg Crowther 7:14:312. Scott Jurek 7:32:053. Kevin Setnes 7:51:49You are, without a doubt, "the man". Sincere congratulations on a well-deserved HUGE win.

  3. Congratulations on your win!

  4. Congratulations! A big, big congratulations!

  5. Good day's work!Sounds sorta brutal. Can't wait for your analysis.

  6. Congratulations! You did great!!!!!

  7. Wow, NICE GOING Greg! You must be beaming… When Phil figures out he has a SuperUltraDad he will be very proud.

  8. Wow, we have a famous person amongst us. Congratulations!

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