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April 15, 2007

This past week was a big one for Crowther family news.

First, my sister’s boyfriend proposed to her while vacationing in Italy. We’re all very happy for them. (As articulate as ever, I reacted to the phoned-in news with, “Oh, goody!”) Fred is a very likeable and impressive person in many respects. The only questionable behavior I’ve noticed is that he runs marathons without really training for them. Despite this unorthodox approach, he managed to complete the New York City Marathon in 3:51 in 2005 and in 3:35 last year. I suppose there’s something to be said for taking full advantage of one’s genetic gifts and youthful resilience.

Second, I secured a new postdoctoral position in the lab of Wes Van Voorhis, a University of Washington professor who studies tropical diseases such as malaria and African sleeping sickness. For me, this is a “lateral” move rather than a promotion, but I’m excited to be joining a group whose explicit goal is to develop drugs that will alleviate suffering in the developing world. I’ll be starting in about five weeks.


  1. Greg — congrats on the postdoc (and of course on all your races, including the recent win in tough conditions). I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog and appreciate your approach to running (and more)… perhaps because I'm also an academic 🙂 [I study decision-making and even went to Vanuatu briefly for a malaria project looking at the usage of long-lasting insecticide treated bednets – fascinating!]

  2. Congrats on the new position, Doogie, even if it's not a step up. You're certainly a versatile scientist.

  3. Greg-Sounds great. IMO, the important aspect is to both do something you enjoy and something you find fulfilling.At age 41 (3 years ago), I went through a phase of enforced unemployment where I thought about finding something I both enjoy and add value. I've found something where I work and help train people 20 years younger than me in helping them find their way, so to speak.Congrats on the new gig.

  4. professor crowther, congratulations all around! "Molto romantico" on the location to announce the family expansion project – i suppose that means at some point you'll become Zio Gregorio… –

  5. So glad to see scientists who are excited about their positions…I think you are all very special people. Long away goals…ultras are easier:)

  6. Hi, Greg.You mentioned in your interview on eliterunning.com that you had hoped to qualify for Western States at MiWok. Didn't you finish in the top 3 when you were here in Texas for Sunmart? I say's on the montrail ultracup website that you were a qualifier.If not, then good luck at MiWok.

  7. Scott: It's true that I qualified for Western States at Sunmart. However, according to the Montrail Ultra Cup rules, you're supposed to send in your WS entry form within a couple weeks of qualifying. I did not do that promptly enough, so I was told that I was out of luck unless I re-qualified at another race. Hence my forthcoming trip to Miwok….

  8. Hi, Greg.Thanks for the clarification. Good Luck at MiWok!

  9. Great news on the post doc. Now all of us in the NW will be lucky to keep you and Liz and Phil around for our enjoyment.

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