Miwok 100K preview

May 3, 2007

The race: Miwok (a.k.a. “What, Me Walk?”), a very hilly 100K (9,500 feet of climbing and 9,500 feet of descent) over dirt roads and single-track trails in Marin County, California.

The goal: Extend my ultramarathon winning streak (currently at five). Failing that, qualify for the Western States 100 by placing in the top three.

The competition: Leading men should include Dave Mackey (ran 8:28 here in 2005, the second-fastest time ever on this course, trailing only Carl Andersen’s 8:22), Scott Jurek (has placed 1st or 2nd in the last six Miwoks), Eric Grossman (eight overall ultra victories in 2006!), Erik Skaden (winner of the American River 50 last month; 2nd at Western States last year), Michael Wedemeyer (3rd here last year), and Brian Morrison (7th here last year, then came within 300 yards of winning Western States). The top women entered are Nikki Kimball (ran 9:10 here last year, second-fastest ever behind Ann Trason’s 8:55; ALWAYS wins trail ultras, except that one time…), Kami Semick (remember that one time? beat Nikki in this very neighborhood at the 2006 Headlands 50K), and Bev Anderson-Abbs (has placed 2nd here behind Kami and 2nd at Western States behind Nikki).

The strategy: (1) Take it easy on the hills, since I’m not a great hill runner. According to the altitude profile, I’ll be taking it easy for about 40 of the 62 miles. (2) Run with the leader(s) for the first 37 22 miles, then break away sometime after that.

The preparation: Very casual. Haven’t run long, fast, or on hills in the last two weeks in an effort to finish recovering from the Mad City 100K.

The forecast: 0% chance of rain on race day; low of 54, high of 72. (Ah, California!)


  1. Good luck Doogie!

  2. Best of luck Greg! Can't wait to hear all about it… šŸ™‚

  3. Good luck this weekend! I hope that you meet BOTH of your goals.As for the Nikki/Bev/Kami line-up, that sounds exciting. Don't think these ultra-goddesses have toed the line altogether before, have they? Now if Krissy were there also, then it would be the entire Who's Who Right Now of female ultrarunners.

  4. Meghan: I'm aware of two previous convergences of the women's power trio. At the 2005 White River 50, Nikki was 1st in 7:46, Kami 2nd in 7:56, and Bev 4th (behind Julie Udchachon) in 8:14. And at the 2006 Western States 100, Nikki was 1st in 19:26, Bev 2nd in 20:10, and Kami 4th (behind Darcy Africa) in 21:46.

  5. I hope I'm not too late to wish you luck. I can't wait for the report.Anderson-Abbs–such a perfect (practically implausible) name for an elite athlete.

  6. Congrats on your outstanding run at Miwok! Best of luck at Western States!

  7. Great job at Miwok, Greg! You looked really strong when you went by.Bev just won our Diablo 50-miler (& set a course record there) on April 29th, so for her to place so well at Miwok is even more impressive.I just posted to your TMI page – and realized that the other posts there are almost a year old, so you may not see it. Oh, well…Sarah

  8. I have been searching for results and can't find them yet… How did you do at Miwok??

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