Who will win at Western States?

June 18, 2007

How about a little prognostication contest? Tell me which man and which woman will be the overall winners of the Western States Endurance Run and you could wind up with an inexpensive but oddly gratifying prize!


1. The contest is open to anyone who lives in a place where this sort of thing is not forbidden.

2. To enter, submit a comment on this entry with the full names of the people you think will be the overall winners (one male, one female). For tie-breaking purposes, also submit a predicted winning time for each predicted winner.

3. Time predictions should be given in hours and minutes elapsed since the start (e.g., 17:52 means that the 100 miles will be covered in 17 hours and 52 minutes — NOT that the person will finish at 5:52 PM). If seconds are specified, they will automatically be dropped (e.g., 17:52:44 will be truncated to 17:52). Once a given time has been submitted, it cannot be used by any subsequent entrant.

4. One entry per person, please. (And don’t try to get tricky by submitting multiple comments under different names!) If someone enters more than once, only his/her first entry will count.

5. The deadline for entering is Saturday, June 23rd at 5:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. (That’s when the race starts.)

6. Contest entries will be compared to actual race results using a proprietary algorithm. Picking me to win will not be advantageous unless I actually do win, so flatter me at your own risk. The contest winner will be announced next week on this blog.

7. The contest winner will choose from among the following prizes: (A) $25 of credit at the Western States Store; (B) a rare copy of the out-of-print Science Groove CD Muscles & Magnets; (C) the opportunity to write a guest entry on this blog.

8. In submitting entries, participants agree to the waiver below.


I understand that posting comments on blogs is a potentially risky activity. I promise that I have prepared adequately for this task. If anything bad should happen to me as a result of participating in this contest, it’s my own damn fault.


  1. Male: Sim Jae Duk (16:30 hr)Female: Anne ludbald (18:30hr)

  2. Brian Robinson 15:42Anne Lundblad 17:58

  3. Sim Jae Duk- 17:04 and Anne Lundblad- 19:32

  4. Erik Skaden 16:45Nikki Kimball 18:12

  5. Graham Cooper 17:10Nikki Kimball 18:45

  6. Carlton Fisk – 37:45Talia Shire – 33:03This is for the celebrity division. Fisky's got to lose a little weight, but he has mental toughness.

  7. Lon Freeman 16:40Nikki Kimball 18:25

  8. Greg Crowthers – 15:41Nikki Kimball – 18:07

  9. Sim Jae Duk- 16:00Nikki Kimball- 18:30

  10. Erik Skaden 17:02Nikki Kimball 18:32

  11. Wow, not a single vote for you to win it yet!! That ain't right!!! So, as a fellow Vermonter (I know, you live in Wash. now, but I won't hold it against you) I'll put in my predictions:Greg Crowther: 17:00Nikki Kimball: 18:34Have a great run, Greg. I'm sure you'll rock. As we say frequently during our adventure races…"What could possibly go wrong?" Of course, that phrase is freqently followed by cursing and knashing of teeth, but hey, that's all part of the experience, right?

  12. Kami Semick – 18:24Brian Robinson – 16:54

  13. Sim Jae Duk (16:50)Nikki Kimball (18:20)

  14. Something odd happened here – my projected winners and times showed up under Grambo's post…or is that just coincidence?Can I try again?Kami Semick – 18:24Brian Robinson – 16:54

  15. William Morrison – 17:02Nikki Kimball – 18:38

  16. First of all, I ain't Flyin' Brian Robinson, and I ain't runnin Western, so don't email me thinking I'm some famous fastpacker.Greg Crowther: 16:45Nikki Kimball: 17:50

  17. Erik Skaden 16:47Nikki Kimball 18:17Have a great time Greg. I'm crewing so will be there in person to collect my winnings–save you the postage hassle and all.

  18. Sim Jae Duk 16:55Nikki Kimball 18:40

  19. Sim Jae Duk 15:58Nikki Kimball 18:20

  20. James Bonnett 17:00Julie Fingar 19:00

  21. Erik Skaden 17:21Anne Lundblad 18:39Double Western StatesKeith Richards 67:29Bea Arthur (Golden Girls)58:40

  22. Sim Jae Duk 15:25Nikki Kimball 18:31

  23. Greg Crowther 16:55Nikki Kimball 18:41Good luck Doogie!

  24. Lon Freeman, 17:17Nikki Kimball, 18:40And a top 10 finish for Greg, ensuring he will have to return every year. ;-)SD

  25. kami semick 18:38Jon Olsen 16:16

  26. Erik Skaden 16:52Kami Semick 19:23

  27. Kami Semick 18:39Brian Morrison 16:27good luck everyone!!!

  28. Anne Lundblad 18:20Lon Freeman 16:12

  29. David Goggins 1707Niki Kimball 1841

  30. niki kimball 1842dave goggins 1717

  31. I've got to cast my vote for the males for BrianMorrison.. He's got some unfinished business :)Brian Morrison – 16:19Nikki Kimball – 18:32

  32. Sim Jae Duk: 16:11Anne Lundblad: 18:26

  33. Lon Freeman 16:54Nikki Kimball 18:52

  34. Andy Jones-Wilkins 17:22Beverley Anderson-Abbs 19:01

  35. Lon Freeman 15:40Nikki Kimball 18:10

  36. Jim Huffman 16:00Kami Semick 18:00

  37. Lon Freeman 16:17Nikki Kimball 18:34

  38. Lon Freeman 17:21Kami Semick 18:56

  39. Per NCAA rules and regulations, I am not allowed to participate in this contest. However, if I were allowed to participate, here is what my predictions would be:Brian Morrison 16:30Kami Semick 18:27Best wishes to everyone!!Crowther – If you win this, everyone is going to have to re-think their ultra training in the future. 🙂

  40. Oh lord, please pardon my terrible grammar above!

  41. Annette Bednosky – 18:49Sim Jae Duk – 15:32

  42. Lon Freeman 15:34 (yeah!)Karine Herry 18:18 (her, too, has some unfinished business here, and I'm her only compatriot on the course)The weather is exceptionally perfect this year uphere, there will be some fast time!

  43. Lon Freeman – 16:22Nikki Kimball – 18:27

  44. Joe Kulak 17:42Joe Kulak 19:41

  45. Brian Morrison 16:36Nikki Kimball 18:21

  46. Greg Crowther – 15:49Annette Bednovsky – 18:15

  47. For the women:Nikki Kimball – 19:12For the men:…Scott Jurek in 14:54! He'll show up as a bandit runner in the shadows! j/kOk, ok…For the men (for real):Greg Crowther: 15:59Good luck Greg!!!!

  48. Greg Crowther: 16:20Nikki Kimball: 18:25

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