Come on, baby, do the locomotion

August 14, 2007

As of two weeks ago, Phil had a crawling range of about one foot in any direction. Since then he’s made remarkable progress. Tonight he was sitting in the kitchen when Liz told him to come to bathroom, where she was waiting to give him a bath. So he did!

His crawling form has been described as “commando-style,” meaning that he lies flat on his belly and propels himself forward mostly with his arms. He could be really sneaky if it weren’t for the wild kicking, heavy breathing, babbling, giggling, and drooling.

Liz has also made good locomotive progress over the past fortnight; she’s run post-partum personal records (PPPRs) of 19:00 for 5K and 40:43 for 10K.

I’m proud of them both.


  1. Hey, at least you can hear him to stop him before he gets into too much trouble. Our first one skipped the crawling in favor of log-rolling sideways towards her target in near-silence. She got pretty good at wedging herself under bookcases and the credenza with this move.

  2. Hey Greg, so you are coming over to Europe? Don't worry, the continental air will be good for you! Breathe deeply and reverse the odds of a "brain infarct"… lol … Go Greg, GO!

  3. Yours and your wife's child is going to be speedy, what with both of your running credentials. No wonder he's "running" all over the house now! Wow!

  4. I just heard you had become a father! Congratulations to you and your wife.We just returned from our family vacation in NH and our family triathalon which Ethan won as usual.

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