Meanwhile, back in the Pacific Northwest…

September 13, 2007

While Liz and I were in Holland, little Phil was having a grand old time back in Seattle, as the following photo testifies.

I call this next piece 'I drool only for you'...

The collaboration pictured here is between Phil and Bella, the older daughter of Liz’s friend Sally. I use the word “collaboration” loosely, since one musician appears to be working hard while the other tries to skate by on his good looks.

Anyway, the point of this snapshot is that we were very lucky to have Sally and her family, and also my Seattle siblings-in-law, look after Phil while we were gone. Thanks, you guys.

One comment

  1. Sleeps well. Eats vigorously. Smiles often. And is always ready for a good time. How many house guests can you say that about? LP is welcome at our place any time.

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