Yeah, baby, yeah! Mini-Me turns 1

October 25, 2007

Phil had his first birthday on October 20th.

Here is one way to look at the changes that have occurred over the past year:

growth curves

And here is another:

Phil at 20 days
Phil at 11 months


  1. It has been great seeing Phil's changes on this site. Thanks Greg (and Liz) for allowing us to see this little wonder!

  2. Hiya prof. Crowther, nice pics!Speaking of which, the expression of the pic in the previous post holding prince Phil is sooooo much nicer than the title photo you currently have… (moreover is not like you can see the running action… so cropped, it is just a portrait) …like two different people… None of my main business but i thought it would make for a great switch… or maybe i just got fooled by the graph about phil's progress close to the photos and thought for a split second that the track record title refers to phil, maybe indirectly, and so to you holding phil, the photo, the title,…whatever… it's hot outside… 🙂 Happy running

  3. Hi Greg,Happy birthday to Phil! If he keeps growing steadily like this, it won't be long before the graph will be showing time vs. distance ;)Pete

  4. Phil is utterly adorable. Happy Birthday to the little guy, Greg and Liz.

  5. Hi Greg,Happy birthday to Phil!And Liz!For those who read this and who don't live in the Seattle area… we do have elections coming up. One of the measures on the ballot is Prop 1, a referendum to increase sales and car license fees to pay for transit and road improvements. Yesterday one of those "Yes on prop 1" fliers came in the mail, with a picture and quote from Liz: "As a mother I vote yes for prop 1 because I don't want to saddle my son with our transportation problems." (quote from memory)While I prefer a 25c / gallon gas tax increase over sales and car value fees, I still support prop 1.A few things come to mind reading your latest posts:1) I'm sorely disappointed you didn't chart Phil's progress in metric units. After all, you are a science prof.2) Your "hitting percentage" for experiments is a lot higher than our "hitting percentage" for recruiting. Out of 600 letters mailed out we get may be 10% questionairs returned. Out of those may be 60% apply to Seattle U and come to visit campus. Out of those may be 80% get accepted. Out of those may be 70% can afford to come here. Out of those 50% choose to actually enroll at SU. So when it's all said and done we might be at 0.017.I hope your percentage never drops that low.Do as I say…compared to many other ultra runners you really didn't race that much. 7 ultras in a year, that's slightly more than one every 2 months. Even if you run some shorter races in between that's not that much. I will have at least 17 races by the end of the year – up from 13 last year and 17 the year before.Just don't turn into an ultramarathonmaniac.

  6. Uli:Yes, my racing schedule is light compared to some people's. However:(1) The total number of races can be a misleading statistic, since a 1500m counts just as much as a 100K. In 2006 I did 21 races, but only 4 were marathons (2) or ultramarathons (2). I felt good throughout the year, posted many good times, and had no real disasters. This year, I'll wind up with "only" 11 races or so, but the 7 ultras included in that total are really wiping me out.(2) I think my goals differ from those of the people who run an ultra almost every month. They generally treat races as catered hikes with friends, use most races as training runs in preparation for one or two big events, and/or try to win as many small races as possible. All of that's fine, but my own preference is to pour all of my training and racing effort into a small number of ultras so that I can perform as well as possible at each one. I'd prefer to finish a year with two or three truly outstanding ultramarathon performances rather than five or six pretty good ones.

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