Have you heard this one before?

February 29, 2008

I often run home from the University of Washington to Beacon Hill along 23rd Avenue. Just after crossing East Yesler Way, I pass the Randolph Carter Family and Learning Center, where there is a message board which, as often as not, says, “For anger management classes call 328-5952.”

Whenever I see this message, a voice inside my head goes: “I DON’T NEED ANY F****** ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES! AND I RESENT THE IMPLICATION THAT I DO!!!”

Perhaps this imagined retort was worth a brief chuckle when it first occurred to me. The problem is that it automatically comes to mind every single time I pass the message board, day after day. I’m totally sick of it. But how do you suppress a thought that only takes a second to escape? It’s like trying to stop a sneeze.


  1. Then you will reall love this story:http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23421960/

  2. Paul: Thanks for making my silly post seem topical!

  3. Greg,You know how many bloggers claim that they're always composing posts in their head while running, but that they forget them by the time they sit down at the computer?Your last several posts strike me as "Greg's Deep Running Thoughts" (a la Jack Handey), and ones you've managed to recall all the way to the keyboard. It's entertaining to imagine what other people, like you, might be thinking about whilst galavanting through the hills.Finally, the KFC admission several entries back is priceless. Did/do all runners justify eating crap by running to go get it? A high school teammate and I, during summer training runs, would run to and from Dairy Queen for Blizzards. Lord knows how we ever got home with a few cups of dairy and sugar in our guts, but I guess we managed.Hope you're well!Meghan

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