Weekend fun with my son: body slams and bong hits

March 3, 2008

It’s always fun to discover new activities that appeal to a small child. This past weekend offered two good examples.

Activity #1 was WWE-style wrestling. Liz lay on the floor, and Phil walked over to her and belly-flopped onto her stomach. He did that about ten times in a row before she conceded the match.

Activity #2 was breathing through a long mirth-inducing apparatus — a cardboard cylinder taken from a used-up roll of paper towels. Phil and I passed it back and forth, taking turns holding it up to our face, blowing into it, and laughing at the echoes.

Then we got hungry and broke for lunch.


  1. My boss has a two-year-old son who loves blowing into the relay batons we have in the office, as well as just dropping them all onto the ground and listening to the loud clanging noise. I never really thought about how much fun a baton could be until I started working here.

  2. The munchies will get'cha everytime!

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