Phil’s close shave

April 22, 2008


Our son had his first haircut two weeks ago. As this next picture shows, he found it stressful.


Perhaps he realized that he wouldn’t look as cute without his curly locks. That assessment seems to be the consensus of my family, anyway.

...and after

Even Mommy concedes that some of his charm has been lost along with the hair. But we were worried that, if we let his hair get too much longer, he might start to look like a girl.

Yes, the long and painful process of assimilating Phil into mainstream society is underway.


  1. Lovely

  2. Yes, it's time for Phil to start learning that life consists largely of people more powerful than you forcing you to do things that you don't want to do. ;-)Oh, and there's running too… 😉

  3. Greg and Liz — Phil is cute no matter what the clothes, hair, etc. status.

  4. We do the spring shave with the boys as well. He will come to accept the collective and his haircuts. Boys look good with shaved heads. your hand on around his neck holding him is a classic. "Don't move this is for the best trust me"

  5. Glenn: Actually, it's my wife's hand around his neck. She and her sister did the deed while her brother-in-law took the photos.

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