Justice is served for breakfast

April 30, 2008

On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision for the case of Crawford v. Marion. In brief, the Court ruled that the state of Indiana may require voters to present photo identification when voting.

It has been argued that this decision is silly because the Indiana law targets a type of voting fraud that, as far as we know, is attempted by about one person every 100 years or so. Personally, I’m sympathetic to the justices’ reasoning. As the father of a creatively destructive toddler, I’m an occasional witness to acts that, while extremely unusual, must be actively discouraged.

Today’s example came at breakfast. Before I knew what had happened, I heard myself saying, “Phil! Do NOT drive your race car through the oatmeal!”

Until today, I never would have suspected the need for a ban on the commingling of high-performance automobiles and oat-based cereals. But apparently there is one.

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