I guess I’m just not cut out for online social networking

July 10, 2008

I think I got a Tagged.com account last year in accepting an invitation to be a friend of Patrick R, age 31. No big deal — I doubted that I’d use the website much, but I was happy to acknowledge and reciprocate Patrick R’s declaration of camaraderie. Nothing much happened after that until the spring, when Patrick R’s 32nd birthday approached. Tagged.com sent me multiple reminders of this impending holiday until I finally sent him a birthday greeting, although I ignored Tagged.com’s gift suggestions.

Earlier this week, I got another friend request, this time from Paul E, age 21. He’s my cousin, and also a neat guy, so I again was happy to click “Accept.” A request from Carolyn E, age 21, soon followed. This one gave me pause, since the Carolyn E I know is Paul E’s mom and thus considerably older than 21. I’ve accepted her as well, but I’m putting her on probation. If her profile page starts making false claims about her gender, geographic location, or hobbies, I’ll have to let her go.

My most recent friend request came from Jack C, age 66 — better known to me as Dad. Yes, my own father wants permission to interact with me online.

Sure, Jack C, you too can be my friend. I’m here for you, buddy.


  1. Hey Professor Crowther: CorradoG here. Will you be my friend too? LOL, (could not resist after your last post…just couldn't…looks like you are well… am always reading your enjoyable entries, just not posting as much…)

  2. We'll have to get you on Facebook next.

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