I don’t use Twitter, but if I did…

April 5, 2009

4/4/09, 12:34 PM: Liz is watching Phil. Working on draft of grant proposal.

4/4/09, 2:48 PM: Still working on grant proposal.

4/4/09, 4:53 PM: Still working. Just made up a drug discovery time-management metric called Labor Investment Per Inhibitor Discovered (LIPID).

4/4/09, 5:03 PM: Just wrote, “To ensure the long-term health of this project, we will lower the LIPID as much as possible.” Too cute, perhaps? I need a break.

4/4/09, 9:14 PM: Phil in bed now. Back to work.

4/5/09, 1:18 AM: Still working on grant proposal. *sigh*

4/5/09, 3:45 AM: Still working on grant proposal. *yawn*

4/5/09, 5:06 AM: Finished draft; emailed it to boss. Off to bed!

4/5/09, 8:02 AM: Phil awake, so I am too. 1 new message in Inbox. Boss, 6:24 AM: “Funny, I’ve been up since 4am b/c I’m jet lagged. I’ll read this right away.”


  1. Wow, you went to bed just as I was getting up. Hopefully this is a rare occurrence for you; I wouldn't last.

  2. Wow — Just think how late you would have finished if you had twittered. What a time waster twittering would have been!I guess the motto should be: Don't be a twit(erer).

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