If drafted, I will not run…

April 28, 2009

USA Track & Field has announced its national 100K team for 2009, which will compete at the World Cup race in Belgium on June 19th.

The Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) committee named me to the team despite my previously stated desire to skip the trip. I suppose this was a nice gesture, especially if the implicit message is taken to be, “We don’t hold your lousy performance in Italy against you.” Nevertheless, with the memories of that race still fresh in my mind, it was fairly easy for me to decline my spot.

After a mysterious seven-week period of fatigue sabotaged my preparations for Italy, I decided to do the race anyway. My hope was that, even if unable to achieve the place or time of my 2007 World Cup race, I could still run well enough to help the team. It didn’t turn out that way.

I’m still sort of glad — proud, even — that I gave it my best shot despite the less-than-ideal circumstances. Having said that, I could do without another round of soul-crushing disappointment. I’d like to return to the World Cup, but I don’t want to just show up and roll the dice again. I’ll only go back if I can regain enough fitness and consistency to skew the odds in my favor.

For now, I’ll simply wish Adam, Howard, Chad, Steve, Mike, Todd, Kami, Devon, Carolyn, Meghan, Connie, and Julie the best of luck.

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