100 miles, 140 characters at a time

July 9, 2009

It has taken me a while to warm up to Twitter, the microblogging service that facilitates the rapid dissemination of bland observations, misremembered quotations, blurry JPEGs, and other mementos of lives lived a bit too hurriedly.

To be more specific, I was a Twitter skeptic until June 27th. On that day, the Western States Endurance Run website seemed unable to provide the constant live updates that visitors like me were expecting. So I turned to Twitter.

I initially had no idea who might be using Twitter to transmit race info, but that wasn’t a problem. Once I discovered that “#ws100” was being used as a hashtag, I searched for this tag and found updates galore posted by people all over the course. I “refreshed” this search every few minutes, getting new updates each time, until other priorities intervened. What a fun and easy way to stay informed! Thanks, Twitter!

One comment

  1. Crowther, glad you found the WS tweets fun and easy. 🙂

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