White River sponsorship update

July 21, 2009

According to the sponsors and prizes page of the White River 50 website, the Montrail Ultra Cup is no longer a sponsor of this event. However, Parlor-F Tattoo has stepped in as a new sponsor.

In other news, White River 50 participants will no longer be provided with free pairs of Montrail Ultra Cup socks. Instead, they will receive indelible race numbers and complimentary hepatitis vaccinations.


  1. And a free "I love USATF" tattoo for the winner?

  2. Crowther, astute observations. Know that there will be an announcement re the Montrail Ultra Cup late Thursday that I'll be covering.I hope to see you up at White River. A college teammate is racing his first 50 miler, so I've decided to come see the race.

  3. Peter, I'm pretty sure the winner is only eligible for that tattoo if they are a paid member of USATF.

  4. Greg,i'm no fan of getting my skin perforated but the hep-b rap is jokingly a little harsh, no? They must have thought of ways to make tattooing safe?!? There are 'illions athletes i see with tattoos, olympic rings being a very popular one here in Rome 09 swim c'ships. I am asking the doctor in you… cheers

  5. Corrado: I'm not that kind of doctor … but yes, I believe that tattooing can be pretty safe nowadays. I wasn't passing judgment, just amusing myself with this flight of fancy.

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