Our house is no longer an eyesore

September 6, 2009



After five years of talking about it, we finally got our house painted this past week.

Despite what the first photo may imply, the work was not done by our son.

Thanks to Mario Reyes and his crew for a fine job at a reasonable price.


  1. Looks good! Nice color accented by the trim.You should be glad that Phil had no hand in the painting process!

  2. Funny, I ran by your house last night, but then thought that it must not be the right one since it looked…different. Looks great, congrats!

  3. I realize you may never read this b/c this was posted 2 months ago. However, Uli and I ran by your house awhile ago (I believe it was the same weekend as Club Natls – we knocked, but no one was home) as we were checking out the neighbourhood while pondering buying a house not too far away. I didn't recognize your house. Then Uli told me that you painted it. It looks great – both in the pics and in person.We just finished a project that took us a year – painting and putting up new moulding in our "office." Looks great, but definitely took much longer than it should've. Kudos to you guys for finally getting the project done – and yours was a much bigger project than ours.

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