Toiling in anonymity

September 22, 2009

John Wallace of the Seattle Running Company took 60 photos and a video at the Sundodger Invitational. The picture below is one of my all-time favorites.

Sundodger finish

I think the caption should be something like, “An aging warrior struggles mightily … while the indifferent masses look elsewhere.”

Rest assured that I offer this caption out of amusement, not bitterness. There’s no good reason why these strangers should have been paying attention to me. I ran in the slower of the two men’s races and did not place in the top 10 or set a personal record. I am not remarkably attractive, nor am I overcoming a major handicap in an inspiring way.

Those who cheered for me anyway, please accept my thanks. And thanks also to the lovable stalkers who frequent this blog.


  1. Here's what fast people look like when they run. Notice the lack of visually-obvious exertion:http://www.broadband-finder.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/usain-bolt.jpgJust teasing! Seriously, that is a nice pic. Brings back fond memories of many races in the rain…

  2. I'd like to purchase a "Lovable Stalker" t-shirt. Are you planning on running the Emerald City Open with SRC?

  3. Michael: Yes.

  4. Come on, one guy is looking vaguely in your direction, although admittedly perhaps at someone ahead of you.

  5. […] (e.g., from the 2005 World Cup 100K, 2006 Houston Ultra Event Weekend, 2006 Sunmart 50-Miler, and 2009 Sundodger 8K) now include this shot from the 2013 PNTF championships, taken by Seattle Running Club president […]

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