The week of magical running

October 16, 2009

From a running perspective, last week was fantastic.

On Tuesday afternoon I did a workout around my usual 510-meter loop at Cal Anderson Park: 1530m, 2 x 1020m, 3 x 510m. I wanted to run the 1530 in 4:54, but my first lap was 1:42 instead of 1:38. Oops! No problem, though — I rallied with second- and third-lap splits of 1:35 and 1:37. Then I did the 1020s in 3:12 and the 510s in 1:32-1:33. These are very good times for me at this venue.

I usually feel tired the day after a hard workout, but on Wednesday I did not. I continued to feel fresh on Thursday’s runs, especially during the eight one-minute “pick-ups” on my way home. Friday came and, yes, I was still light on my feet. I knew I was going to do well in Saturday’s race — and I did.

The weather was perfect — sunny, mild, no wind to speak of — and the Lake Padden course was as dry as ever. Going out a bit harder than usual, I stayed near the back of a large lead pack for the first couple of miles. The leaders got away on a downhill, but I held steady and eventually clawed my way up to 5th place, behind a trio of Western Washington U. speedsters and old nemesis Brett Winegar of Club Northwest. My time was 32:14, which ties my fastest-ever 10K time over cross-country terrain.

Now I’m mired in a week that has been completely ordinary: moderate fatigue, mediocre workouts…. The logical explanation is that my good, hard race has temporarily sapped my energy. But after last week’s euphoria, it’s easy to imagine that something greater — something magical? — has been lost.

If so, I hope to find it again soon.


  1. I think this malaise is just a response to your superior performance. It will take another week to recover, and then the magic returns.Continued Best Wishes for these kinds of improvments!

  2. Greg,we need all the magic we can get at the PNTF meet to beat CNW. I'm sure their A-team will show up for that.

  3. Greg,have a look at this interview with a wise old runner from Salt Lake City. His legs carry a lot of experience:http://good4sports.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/running-saved-his-life/

  4. Don't worry. I'm sure it was the hard race run that left you feeling this way. If you experienced the "magic" once, it will be back. Don't worry.Congratulations on such a great race!

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