Business cards

December 1, 2009

When I got my first job after graduate school, I made business cards that looked like this:

old card

That was quite a few years ago. Now my cards look like this:

new card

My refusal to use normal, professional-looking business cards could be taken to mean that I’m immature, undignified, and/or self-centered.

Somehow that still seems preferable to being perceived as boring.


  1. Not sure where you ordered your business cards from, but I heard that waterless business cards are available for purchase at Overnight Prints so I recommend checking them out for all you green lovers.

  2. Crowther, I like your style. Here's my business card (though my address has changed).Back: http://irunfar.com/pics/backbyron%20-%20cleaned%20shrunk.TIFFront: http://irunfar.com/pics/frontbyron.tif

  3. I think it should read "Greg Crowther, JFK F***ing Champion!" 😉

  4. My business (book editor) card says, "I am fixing the bad translations."

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