Pacer needed for Rocky Raccoon 100

December 18, 2009

This may just be a case of post-JFK euphoria, but I think I’m ready to take another shot at the 100-mile distance.

As you may recall, my one previous attempt was at Western States in 2007. My approach to that race was rather naive — some would say arrogant — and, in the end, I wound up as just one more corpse along the trail.

I think I learned a lot from the experience, though. Lesson #1 was, “Do not expect to enjoy or conquer a course that has relentless quad-busting downhills.” Hence I’ve chosen a much flatter event to tackle this time around: the Rocky Raccoon 100 on February 6th.

Lesson #2 was, “A 100-mile race is really, really hard, so, within the limits of the rules, do everything you can to make it easier.” At Western States, pacers are allowed from mile 62 onward, but I had planned to go solo until mile 80. Although my dropping out at mile 62 made that a moot point, I vowed to take full advantage of pacers whenever possible in the future.

Which brings me to the title of this post. At Rocky Raccoon, pacers are permitted for the last 40 miles. Does anybody out there know of someone in the general vicinity of Huntsville State Park (near Houston) who might enjoy chaperoning me through the park for a few hours? Perhaps at a pace as fast as 8 minutes per mile … or possibly much slower?


  1. Since you took the time to comment on my news, thought I would check out yours. Still the brilliant mind with the crazy running body I see. I wish you luck with the 100 mi insanity and can't wait to read after feb 6th when you tell us all you made it! And I agree with the premise of your blog…better to have some record than none at all. Here's to Williams E!

  2. Greg, I am excited to see that you are planning to go for it at Rocky Raccoon. Are you planning to go after the course record out there? Run Strong! Happy New Year

  3. Dave: I think the course record is probably not a realistic goal for me because (A) I've never finished a 100-miler before, (B) the course changed in 2009 and is thought to be slower than before, and (C) the trails (especially the sections with two-way traffic) will be very crowded (probably over 450 people this year, vs. 54 when Clifton set the record in 1996 and 257 when Jorge Pacheco almost eclipsed it in 2006).

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