America’s next tot model

February 18, 2010

As totally objective judges of our son’s cuteness, Liz and I think he’s attractive enough to be a child model. To give him a taste of this occupation, we recently sent him off to an intensive one-day internship sponsored by Oiselle Running, where he got some tips from professional model Morgan Roberts while being photographed by professional photographer Kathryn Barnard. Here he is trying to imitate Morgan’s poses.

Morgan (left) and Phil (right)
Morgan (left) and Phil (right)
Morgan (left) and Phil (right)


  1. Time to get that boy an agent!

  2. The only issue is that he's upstaging the apparel. But that's the way it is with stage parents…it's always about THEIR kid!

  3. If he continues the way he's going, he'll be able to support you in your old age 🙂

  4. This is a little weird…

  5. That's really funny- and great! He definitely looks like he has a promising career in the making!

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