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February 24, 2010

In the summer of 2007, I was hoping to recover from a disappointing DNF at the Western States 100 (June 23rd) in time to compete successfully at the World Cup 100K (September 8th). To gauge my progress, I tested myself with an interval workout of 2 x 3200m (with a 600m jog in between) every couple of weeks or so. My times were as follows:

* July 14: 10:22/10:41.

* July 17: 10:14/10:23. (In my running log, I called this performance “slightly less catastrophic” than the previous one.)

* August 7: 10:18 [quit workout after first interval went poorly].

* August 18: 10:15/10:19.

* September 2: 10:10/10:10.

Since I had run as fast as 9:58/9:57 the previous summer, I was none too thrilled that it took me until my taper to get down to 10:10/10:10. Nonetheless, my World Cup 100K race went well. For me, then, 10:10/10:10 may be a benchmark suggesting acceptable fitness for racing 100K.

With all of that in mind, I headed to the Franklin High School track last Saturday to test the extent to which my legs have recovered from the Rocky Raccoon 100. I guess they’re recovering pretty well because I ran 10:13/10:13. I was so satisfied with this workout that I immediately registered for the Mad City 100K on April 10th. Hey, why not — I still have a few weeks to train for it!

Mad City will, in some ways, be the least wacky of the three spring events to which I have committed so far. On March 21st, I’ll be doing the Big Climb, a 69-floor ascent of the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle, with the PATH to Victory team. And on May 30th I will be at Ski to Sea, handling the running leg (8 miles, straight down the side of Mount Baker) for the Bagelry team.


  1. Glad you're recovering well, Doogie.Re: Ski to Sea, I hope the side of Mt. Baker is easier to run than, say, Pine Cobble. (For non-Eph blog readers, Pine Cobble is a mountain on which Greg infamously faceplanted during a training run in college. This incident may be the origin of his preference for less technical trails. While I managed to stay upright on Pine Cobble, the concentration required to do so left me mentally exhausted for the rest of the day…)

  2. Jem: The Mt. Baker descent is on the road, so I should be fine. I don't specifically remember my Pine Cobble face-plant because I think I tripped during EVERY trail run we did, except one, when I was a freshman.

  3. Greg,What's the 10k course like for the Mad City 100k. Does it have hills? Is it windy?Great job at Rocky Raccon, amazing.

  4. I saw your blog about mad city 100k from 2007. I should have searched. take care

  5. Greg,good to read you're doing well! Looks like you have your spring planned out better than I have.I haven't 100% decided on a single race this spring, but I'm leaning towards Mercer Island 1/2 next weekend.Haven't done any indicator workout either, though my 6 mile "tempo" run at 5:20 pace today went well. The quotation marks because I ran the miles in about 2:58 – 2:22 splits, so more a fartlek than a tempo run.Go kill the Columbia Tower race!

  6. G, can't wait to hear about Mad City. If I didn't have to coach in Illinois, I'd head north to watch you…wait, this is an ultra, perhaps I have time to coach a track meet and then make it to your race. Best–L

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