Mad City sausage

April 13, 2010

The Wisconsin Cheeseman, a perennial sponsor of the Mad City 100K, sent participants home with boxes of beef sausage links (and cheese, of course).

Below are some other meaty links relating to the race.

* Official results

* Photos by James Edward Mills

* Race director Timo Yanecheck’s report

* Annette Bednosky’s report

* Krissy Moehl’s report

* Meghan Arbogast’s report

* Melanie Fryar’s report


  1. Best. Participation Loot. Ever.

  2. Good times and competition in both the men's and women's races. Good for Meghan for coming so close to 8 hours.

  3. Doogie!!! How the hell are ya? You probably don't remember who the hell I am but I was a 10K track runner a year behind you, bio major, drank way too much on a regular basis, kind of spazzy. If it trips your memory I was All American your senior year. Damn you got fast!!! I havent managed any faster than the 3:01 I did back in med school but still plugging at it, up to 80mi/wk. You would never have guessed from knowing me back in school but now I'm an Emergency Physician married to a fire fighter. I like your blog! Nice to see you doing so well.Jess

  4. Jess! I can't speak for Doogie, but I remember you! How's it going? I'm wondering now if you remember me (don't go by the name below, it's a pre-college nickname). Same year as Doogie, King Slow Boy senior year, I used to also do the timing for the indoor track team, fellow bio major but not premed…No, not Gerry Siarney (good guess, though…).We should see if we can turn this thread into a Williams X-country reunion. Dave Panush, Marz, where are you?! 😉

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