Not the next Tiger

May 9, 2010

It is said that when Tiger Woods was three years old, he once shot 48 in a nine-hole round of golf.

By coincidence, Phil (now three and a half) also carded a 48 today. That was the number of strokes he needed to advance from the makeshift tee area to the designated goal, a giant tree about 30 yards away.

To be fair, Phil had the disadvantage of playing with my adult-sized clubs. Considering that some of them are taller than he is, I thought he did OK.

Little Phil pulls Big Bertha from the bag.

...And Crowther has 18 yards to the green, so he is going with his driver....

A bad lie.


  1. Phil's golf-loving grandfather Phil must be turning over in his grave, watching his namesake struggle with those clubs! How about a little better adaptation to 3-year-old sized muscles?

  2. beverly: This was day 1 of Phil's interest in golf. If that interest is sustained, we will get him some proper clubs.

  3. Being the Anti-Tiger is not necessarily a bad thing these days:-) Phil is doing just fine.

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